Friday, February 17, 2012

A new garage/shop!

Years ago this concrete area was a Hindustani Bar with a metal roof over it. We torn the roof off last year before it fell down and hurt someone. Now we have decided to add a roof again as it will give us needed shop space and a garage area. Framing in Suriname is a hard as 2x4's are really 2"x 4" and heavy! I ordered 20 ft ones and I can barely life them. 
The weather makes it interesting to work outside as one minute its raining and the next its 86F. Sunburn is always a threat too as the sun just cooks you as you work. Constantly drinking cold water helps but it is tough work that at 59 years old I admit is hard. Today we also ordered the new red metal roofing that will go on and match the roofing of the house. Maybe tomorrow we have some of the roofing installed before we go to "RotiFest".  Some friends are cooking all day making roti and all the rest of the fixings. Monique will be going over early to help prepare the different dishes so I can hardly wait to taste them all.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chinese Sunday Market

Ray is in town to visit so of course a trip to the Sunday Market is fun. There was a amazing assortment of locally grown vegetables, dim sum goodies and Chinese supplies for sale. We bought our supply of vegetables for the week as this is the only place to buy them.

Ray and Monique