Sunday, September 30, 2012

Back in Suriname

We flew the redeye flight to Miami and then onto Arubu for a overnight stay. Just enough time to go with friends to the Sultan cafe for some Middle Eastern food. Lots of meat! Sorry Zach we had to eat all of it. In Suriname we are going to try to be vegetarian, try..... In this picture we are grabbing virgin drink while waiting for our flight.

Friday, September 14, 2012

A quick post about the last few months

 We finally went on our Honeymoon, all the way to St Maarten! So we enjoyed going to the beaches and of course, Jet Blasting!

 I turned 60 this year so we had a Birthday/Planting/Open House party at the Noodle House for our first big party there.

 The usual suspects showed up!
 Andy Tjon Hing came to visit everyone in Suriname this year and we had some great times with him.
 One of the three 12' long snakes I saw in front of the Noodle House this year.
 We took a break and went to Kinni Patti for a Jungle camping trip. That's Robbie doing a epic fail trying to fish.
 Monique turned 55 this year so we had a nice night out for Brazilian food.
 Robbie put on a great BBQ at his house with a friend's son manning the BBQ.
 Look! Monique's toes are done.
 We went to Toronto for a JTF Reunion and of course went to the falls.
 and shopping in Toronto.
 Here is most of the JTF Gang at the Falls.
 We came back to Seattle and went on a quick trip to Portland to get some doughnuts and
 meet up with Duc and his gf Meagen.
 We also drove over to Montana so we could see Riley and Chelsea in their new house.
We also attended the wedding of John and Lanti just after we came back from Toronto. So its been a really busy few months!