Saturday, October 20, 2012

This and That

Last weekend was a Open Tour of the Historic Buildings in downtown Paramaribo so we finally went to explore. The Jewish synagog was amazing but I don't understand the sand all over the floor. 

We also went inside the Catholic church's rector and saw the small chapel upstairs for the Bishop and priests who lived there.

The oldest cemetery was open too with guided tours to explain the old gravesites and who these people were in the 1700's.
This is a picture of the progress of the front porch which is modeled after the old historic ones downtown. The railing we are installing is from the 1700-1800's and antique so this will really give the house a Surinamese entrance!

Last wednesday was  Salsa night so we went with some friends to check it out!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A visit to the HUGE Chinese Sunday market

We have been in Suriname now for a whole week so time to shop for some fresh local veggies and some Dim Sum goodies for me. The market is bigger than ever and packed with people shopping, shouting and haggling over prices. New were the green onion pancakes made while you waited, OMG they are soo good.  Dumplings were another must have as I missed having fresh cooked ones while we were away to Seattle. Monique stocked up on a few greens to stir fry up during the week for lunch.