Sunday, April 21, 2013

Noodle House update

Design built kitchen in bamboo plywood with Avonite composite countertop in a Marsian Sunset color.

The Master bedroom: Gele kabbes local Surinamese wood floor, restored wood ceiling painted white.

Two tone bamboo sliding doors divide the master bedroom in an annex that can function as a sitting room, TV room, library or simply as extra space for overnight guests.
Design built armoire by Design Plus NV.

Combined Living/Dining room.
Notice the Balata or Rubbertree (Boletrie) flooring.
Picture taken from the kitchen island.

Our Dutch influenced life in miniature on top of the Basralocust (Brazilian Cherry)
armoire along with Indian dia.

Our own Picasso on the blank wall facing the transitional space between the back door and the storage/gazebo in the garden. 
Red Khanas surviving ditch life on land. Maritime object found at Braamspunt near the Atlantic ocean. 
Foundation poured to support the posts that will carry the newly constructed balcony. 

Basralocust posts: planed and ready to be in place.
Noodle house with a partially new face....still under construction at this time
April 2013. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sint Maarten 2013

We left Suriname but had a stopover in Sint Maarten to have a little mini vacation before going back to Seattle. As you can see the beaches are nice especially on the island's French side.

Monique thought the waves weren't that big until they knocked her over and she couldn't stand up again.

The French side has a "Harmony Nights" on tuesdays with a parade, lots of stuff for sale and the cafes are open late.

We did a snorkeling tour too with Captain Alan that was soo fun.

At the street market in Marigot I finally found some hair!

Monique and her buddy, Ghengis on a beach walk.