Friday, February 12, 2016

European Christmas 2015-Prague

Zach tasting Czech Beer

Prague from the Tower

Prague huge Christmas Market
Technology Museum

Alena cooking!

Geoff and Toma


Suriname Jan 2016

Monique hard at work cleaning up
A clean kitchen

We made it back to do some repairs on the Noodle House and visit our friends in Paramaribo, Suriname

Pablo and Monique at the farm
Next door is Oom Hain's 1860's farm house in the morning rain

Monique, Robby and Resa at the Warung in Domburg

I can never choose which ones to pick to eat!

Bami mit Kip

JohnCTF's greenhouses

Yes, it really rains hard in Paramaribo

The Noodle House with razorwire on top of the fence
Monique, Oom Hain and Rennu visiting (our next door neighbors)