Friday, November 4, 2011

Roti day!

Today with our friend Lynette we made Indian Roti with curry chicken with potatoes simmered with long beans/yard beans, eggplant and young chestnut "meat"curry. Wow, it was soo good especially since the Roti was my favorite "Clap roti" or Paratha. After the roti is cooked on the stove its " clapped" between your hands while its hot to "explode" it or shred it. In Trinidad this roti is called "Bus Up Shut" or Busted up shirt!  We missed the lime chutney, but it's being made.....still so keep tuned for the follow up, perhaps with bara (Indian donut), pilouri, etc etc

 Monique likes to roll hers like a huge burrito while I just take pieces of the roti to pick up the "goodies".

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