Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years and the rest

New Years Eve (Old Year) is so much fun in Suriname as its one big party downtown with lots of firecrackers. The city streets become covered in a "red snow" from all the pagara's that are set off along with a haze from the smoke. Music from Dj's or live bands is on the different streets in the "core" of the downtown area. Food stands are everywhere along with private parties that everyone crashes to taste, drink and share some local gossip/news.
We also went on a trip to the old French Plantation Alliance where they still grow grapefruit and oranges with some friends.

On New Year's Day we had a family get together at Christine's of about 20 people. Lots of food, talk and fun. Monique made the desserts in the picture.

Steve and Cathy wanted Hot Pot for dinner the night before they left to go back to Canada. We had a great time with again about 18 people at dinner. 

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